Great Wolf Lodge (Garden Grove, California)

Great Wolf Lodge is a chain of resorts featuring some of the biggest and best indoor water parks in North America. Sometime in 2013, a new one is scheduled to open up in Garden Grove, California near the Disneyland resort, and it’s being billed as the largest in the franchise. The indoor/outdoor water park is anticipated to be 130,000 square feet, so depending on the layout, this could also be one of the largest indoor water parks in the world.

Some caution is in order here. The list of cancelled indoor water park projects is long, and dotted with ambitious developers claiming their water park will be the largest or best ever. Still, this project seems to be on pretty solid ground due to the involvement of the Great Wolf Lodge franchise.

Speaking of which, there are certain features that are found throughout the Great Wolf Lodge resorts, so we already have a pretty good idea of what the one in California will have to offer. In addition to all the usual indoor water park attractions (lazy river, kiddie pool, wave pool), there’s a menu of set pieces that are unique to Great Wolf Lodge. These include the Alberta Falls tube ride and the Hydro Plunge “water coaster.” If the water park at the Garden Grove location is as large as planned, it’s a safe bet that it will include some or even all of these Great Wolf Lodge staples.

The resorts also include loads of dry attractions, many of them aimed at children and teens. For example, most locations feature Great Wolf Lodge’s signature kids’ spa, where tweens can get a manicure and enjoy complementary ice cream. There’s also typically a large arcade and various “summer camp”-style activities for kids. If you’re curious about what these resorts are like, check out our write up of┬áthe Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos.