Indoor Water Parks in Delaware

Indoor Water Parks in DelawareIt’s not hard to figure out why indoor water parks have spread to¬†just about every corner of the country. They offer an escape from the cold, insurance against rain, and protection from sun and heat. When attached to hotels or resorts – as they usually are – they also offer convenience on top of everything else.

Delaware is prone to all those weather extremes, and yet the indoor water park hasn’t quite reached it yet. There may be a few indoor pools with slides and other water park attractions, but there are currently no true indoor water parks in Delaware. On the bright side, there are a number of options in the Northeast that are just a short road trip away. If you’re open to visiting¬†indoor water parks near Delaware, check out the options in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Despite the fact that Delaware is a smaller state, we’re guessing it will get an indoor water park at some point in the future. Most of the states in the north are home to at least one indoor park, and the national trend shows no sign of letting up. When Delaware gets its first indoor water park, we’ll update this page – so be sure to check back when making plans for your next getaway.