Indoor Water Parks in Maine

Indoor Water Parks in MaineMaine is one of the few northern states that isn’t home to at least one indoor water park resort – which is a bit surprising considering its reputation as a tourist destination. The indoor water park craze started in the Midwest in the 1990s and has been spreading all over the country ever since. But the trend is particularly strong in cold and snowy areas, where people long for a tropical getaway in the dead of winter – even if that getaway is just a few towns over and the tropics are artificially produced.

So why not Maine? Probably just a matter of time. Given that the state specializes in vacation resorts, it’s a safe bet that the number of indoor water parks in Maine won’t remain at zero for too long. The coupling of indoor water parks with ski lodges is a natural one (especially when there’s a surfing simulator involved – as there usually is). At some point, this winning combo will probably come to Maine.

The good news is that Maine isn’t far away from other indoor water parks in the region. For example, there are a couple of options in North Conway, New Hampshire. If you want to expand your search further, you could also take a look at the indoor water parks located throughout New England.