Indoor Water Parks in Utah

Indoor Water Parks in UtahWhen it comes to hotel amenities, a plain old swimming pool isn’t good enough anymore. These days, travelers look for hotels that have full-featured indoor water parks. While indoor parks continue to be most popular in northern states where folks need a break from the long, cold winters, they have gradually spread to just about every part of the country thanks to their many other advantages – convenience, protection from the heat/sun, etc.

However, one place the indoor water park craze has not yet hit is Utah. While we expect the number of indoor water parks in Utah to grow in the future, there’s currently only one option.

Grins and Fins Indoor Water Park (West Valley City)

This small water park is connected to the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites West Valley City. Besides having one of the cutest names around, it features a long water slide that twists outside the building, a kiddie pool and play structure, and water hoops. Adults who want to kick back while the kids play can take a dip in the cloverleaf spa. Finally, the facility includes an arcade, snack bar, and party room. All in all, a nice option for children’s events and quick family getaways.

For the time being at least, Grins and Fins is the only indoor water park in Utah (not counting small indoor pools that might only have a slide or play equipment). We’re betting that changes in the future, and when it does, we’ll update this page with the new options. Feel free to check back before you plan your next getaway in Utah.

If you want more options now, and you’re willing to look outside of Utah, you might want to check out the indoor water parks in Idaho. While most other western states lag behind when it comes to indoor water parks, Idaho has a couple of options that are worth a road trip.