Indoor Water Parks in New England

Indoor Water Parks in New EnglandJust because it’s wicked cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. People in New England have always known that – in fact, it’s practically their motto. In recent years, indoor water parks have sprung up all over the region to make it easier than ever to enjoy a weekend getaway at any time of year.

To help out with your next getaway, here’s a list of the biggest and best indoor water parks in New England, in order of size. All of these water parks are connected to hotels, where you can book a room and get wet on consecutive days. In most cases, you can also get day passes without staying at the attached hotel – which is great for families who live close by and just need an afternoon activity for the kids.

CoCo Key (Danvers, Massachusetts)

CoCo Key Water Resorts are all over the country, but you won’t find many this large. At 65,000 square feet, this CoCo Key dwarfs most indoor water parks in the country – never mind the chain. The rides are mostly kid-sized, though. It features a kiddie play structure, multiple water slides, activity pool, and a whole lot of other stuff.

CoCo Key (Fitchburg, Massachusetts)

Yes, Massachusetts is home to two huge CoCo Key water parks. This one measures 55,000 square feet, and contains many of the same attractions as the one in Danvers. It’s connected to Holiday Inn Fitchburg, though you don’t have to stay there to purchase admission.

The Pump House (Jay, Vermont)

You put your ski lodge in my water park resort. You put your water resort in my ski lodge. You see where we’re going with this. Jay Peak Resort isn’t the first ski lodge to add an indoor water park to its stable of attractions, but it is certainly an outstanding example of this tasty combo. The water park is 50,000 square feet, but that understates its coolness. Among its many features is a nigh-vertical water slide that sends you plummeting downward at 45 mph.

CoCo Key Water Resort (Waterbury, Connecticut)

Yet another installment in the CoCo Key franchise. At 50,000 square feet, this one is a little smaller than the others, but has the same core menu of attractions.

Kahuna Laguna (North Conway, New Hampshire)

You have to rent a room at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort to access this water park, which is perfectly fine for anyone who enjoys skiing, leaf peeping, or any of the other area attractions that draw tourists to this getaway spot. The 40,000 square foot water park includes all the usual attractions, plus a wave pool.

Cape Codder Resort (Hyannis, Massachusetts)

This resort has a large indoor wave pool, plus water slides and some kiddie equipment. The water attractions are a relatively minor component of the resort at this point, but there are plans in the works to expand this into a major indoor water park.

These New England indoor water parks might not compare to the ones in the Upper Midwest or Great Lakes, but by any other standard, they’re pretty awesome. If you want even more options, check out the indoor water parks in other northeastern states like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.